Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I am running again

I missed you, old friend!

It started when my good friend Margaret gave me this book.

And then Janine made me do this.

Other little things kept nudging me that way.

I've been out on the road some lately. About five days a week.

The going's stuff because there is a lot of ice out there.

But it's still beautiful. How did I stop for so long?

Everything's much better now.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spring running is here, sort of

Read my other blog today. It's kind of running related!!

I ended up going to Kensington and meeting up a friend yesterday. We ran/walked the 8-mile loop with her baby on  a jogger!! The last two miles made for great training. It was full of snow and bumps and slush. Pushing a 16 lb baby through that gave me a great arm workout!

It was a beautiful day. Many runners wore shorts. I think I got some sun!!

And the best part of all -- my favorite running shoes are back! (Must read other blog to understand. My shoes were stolen!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm so on edge during these Olympics. The Olympics are always high drama -- so much at stake for these athletes. But the death of the Georgian luger really freaked me out and makes it very hard to watch other lugers -- particularly during that heart-stopping moment when an American luger smooshed up to the edge of the curve where Kumaritashvili had crashed and died days earlier. All the other accidents that have been highlighted the past several days have made me feel worried for these kids... The short-track racer who stabbed his own leg with the blade of his skate during a fall last year. The snowboarder who's hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury and even Shaun White's nasty fall prior to the Olympics.

I'm also in awe of everyone's athleticism. Maybe it's my age, but these bodies and their abilities and their youth and mental maturity seem otherworldly.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow shoeing, the gym and other physical endeavors...

So I was feeling kinda glum about the fact that skiing doesn't feel like all that much exercise. Gravity pulls you down. A mechanical chair pulls you up. I didn't get how I could count that as exercise with a straight face. Until one weekend, our friends Jess and Terry came up north. They announced to us that they did not ski. So, how about snow shoeing, I offered? They said yes! And just like that snow shoeing has become my new physical obsession. It is very physically demanding and if you forgo the trails and stay on the fresh, virginal heaps of snow, you are all set as far as a good workout is concerned. The first weekend we did 2.5 hours. We did not intend to stay out that long but we got lost. This weekend, we did another 2.5 hours. We didn't really know where we were going this time either but we understood the lay of the land a little better and knew (sort of) how to get back. We were sweaty and disgusting after it was over and that's the part I like about exercise. When you have a job where you sit in front of a computer all day, going nuts physically is a HUGE treat! The huge bonus is the beauty of this place. The spot where we ski has a golf course alongside it and that is where we snow shoe. They have some amazingly steep areas too where we climb and climb and boy, our calves thanked us later. They were in dire need of exercise!

I thought I would also talk about the gym. I went to an awesome spinning class today. It had been a long while since I went to a lifetime spin class. The gym to me is the equivalent of church and when I don't go I always realize the error of my ways when I come back. Maybe church is not the right analogy. How about therapy? I get to get everything out of my system and feel way better afterwards. Much better than binge drinking -- as that will leave you head-achy the next day (and fatter as it is usually accompanied by a huge plate of something gross like nachos or cheese fries, in addition to the calories in alcohol). And much better than shopping. It does not cost money!

That said, a gym is also a place where despite the fact that most people don't know each other, they do really strange and annoying things around perfect strangers!! For example, the steam room. Starting with the person who opens the door and looks inside for a long time letting all the heat/steam out. Or the people who will shave, clip their nails, share body products or discuss embarrassing things in foreign languages they think no one else can understand and sometimes even in English! Today, I was in the shower, with the shower on, a towel on a hook, underwear on the other hook and some lady just pulled my curtain open to see if anyone was in there.

Even with that strangeness I'm still super happy I went and feel wonderful tonight!! I guess I had a lot to say today! Thanks for listening!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

So, my plan for the winter is to run during the week and ski on the weekends. If anyone here is an expert on skiing, I could use a little input on how much exercise I'm actually getting. I mean. Trust me. I SUFFER. But the suffering is mostly because I'm so freaking cold -- not because I'm working up a sweat or my heart rate's going up. It was in the single digits the last five days and one day it dipped down into the minuses. And then, to warm up, there's all these high calorie goodies -- hot cocoa with marshmallows, chili, mac and cheese....and the occasional beverage...

There are a couple of things I could do to shake things up -- forgo the lift and hike up the hill before going down it. I could forgo the skiing and go snowshoeing up and down the hills.

I could snowboard. Snowboarding definitely makes me work harder.

Anyhow, tomorrow, it's back to the treadmill. Right now I'm working on getting my speed back up so  that will definitely get me working harder!!

Kudos to CoachKen's runners, who heroically ran in 6 degree weather this weekend.